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VeloFest 2010

- a creative bicycle festival -


2010: Urban Cycling


“VeloFest” is a platform for bicycle promotion as a way of living: transport, recreation, inspiration for works of art or just an adventure and fun.

Bicycle Cinema

Fixed City

Riding fixed – a phenomenon. A close up in Germany, summer 2009. Switching between velodrome and trafficlights, messengers and fakengers, inspiration and revolution, trickriding and speed addiction, pragmatism and passion, purism and a very own poetry.
Screened August 2009.


e r t z u i ° film pres. FIXED CITY from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.


fixed city | Trailer [subtitled] from fixed city on Vimeo.

"FIXED CITY" | Kristian Ansand, Martin Gilluck | Germany 2009 | Documentary | 40‘

Fixed City was done with the support of Keirin Berlin, ECMC and Cine Impuls Leipzig.

Shot on 8mm film in Berlin & Barcelona.
Samson frame owner & rider: Akeem, Berlin.
Music by ORANGE DOT myspace.com/orangefiles

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